Positively Zambia has been set up as a link between young people in Zambia and the UK. The aim is to increase mutual understanding of issues facing one another, and to exchange information for campaigning on HIV & AIDS.


HIV&AIDSPeople & Planet students campaigning on AIDS

There will be a particular focus on HIV & AIDS with case studies of Zambians living with the effects of the virus. I hope to show the variety of challenges facing Zambia, and the positive responses of many to combat the virus. For young people campaigning on HIV & AIDS in the UK, this site should be used as a means to communicate with Zambians to inform your actions. I will also be showing young people in Zambia information about the UK, and getting their perspective on our campaigning.

Ask your questionsZambian Campaigners

This website is a two-way street. Please ask any questions you have about HIV & AIDS, life in Zambia, or anything else over the course of the year and myself and Zambian people will respond. This could be anything from “What is the biggest barrier to getting AIDS drugs where you live?” to “How hot does it get in summer?”. By gaining a greater understanding of the context in which people live, you should be better equipped to campaign for justice on this issue.
The causes and impacts of AIDS in Africa are as diverse as the continent itself,  go to Positively Nigeria to gain perspectives from Africa’s most populous country.

Learn about ZambiaVictoria Falls

Zambia is a fantastic country with incredibly friendly people rich in cultural heritage, amazing wildlife and in many respects a positive outlook for the future of Africa. Obviously, as one of the worlds poorest countries it also suffers from many problems. This site will seek to look at both sides of the story, allowing Zambians to have their say about their country.

Personal viewsHenry

I’ll also be posting on my experience as a Youth for Development volunteer with VSO. Look in the personal section for the highs and lows of living and working for a small NGO in Eastern Zambia. I’ll offer perspectives on broader issues such as development and gender as well as when I get the runs!