Zambian FieldPositively Zambia has been set up as a link between people in the UK and Zambia as part of my Global Education Project. I’m volunteering at the Youth Development Foundation, a small youth participation NGO in Zambia for a year through VSO. Students in People & Planet groups, and anyone else interested will be able to check here for information and participate in discussion with people in Zambia. It will focus on HIV and AIDS, but cover all sorts of other issues. There will also be personal posts on how I’m getting on working and living in Zambia. Have a browse and pose a question for me or a Zambian to respond to.

Henry McLaughlin

YfD Volunteer 2006/7



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Henry

    I found your site today and liked it very much. I will add it to my blogroll straight away. Please do take a look at mine. Not nearly so serious!

  2. Bonnie Says:


    I have a question about life in Chapata. My family and I (husband and 2 small kids) might be moving to Zambia from Tanzania in the next couple of months and was wondering if you could tell me about housing in Chapata. We are just looking to move somewhere that has decent housing. Something simple but with water, and electricily and a town with internet. Does Chapata have it where you can get internet in your home? Also what is the cost of living there. Rent? Fuel? etc. Any information that you could give would be wonderful. We are American but currently living in Tanzania, we were also wondering the process for getting your work permit. Again thanks.


    Thank You!

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