Hopefully reading Positively Zambia has convinced you to take action on HIV & AIDS and other issues facing people in developing countries. Many of the causes of their problems come from Northern governments and organisations either acting in good faith or self-interest. But you can influence these. The G8 would not have pledged to make HIV & AIDS treament drugs for all by 2010 without pressure from activists in the North and South. And they won’t stick to it if we don’t keep up the pressure.

Campaigning on HIV & AIDSThe World is Watching Eyeball

Take action to make sure the G8 stick to their promise of funding HIV & AIDS treatment. Why not contact your MP today and tell them to write to the Secretary of State for International Development, Hilary Benn, to ensure the UK is keeping up its contribution towards funding HIV/AIDS treatment.

Some useful websites to keep up to date with the campaigns:

People & Planet AIDS campaign

VSO AIDS campaign

Watch this video on the Stop AIDS Campaign in the UK


General advice on campaigning

Campaigning can be a bit daunting, but there is lots of advice available. Have a look at the campaigning guides below, and post any questions you have on this site. If your MP says you have got something wrong, reference it with a Zambian person living with HIV and AIDS using this site. 

 People & Planet campaigning guide

Christian Aid campaigning guide


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